KulturKanal fir Letzebuerg


KulturKanal is an independent Luxembourg platform for the creation and dissemination of cultural content with an intergenerational and inclusive focus. KUK brings together a community of professionals and enthusiasts. At the head of the initiative: Serge Tonnar, Luxembourg singer-songwriter-composer, directs the KUK project under the entity MASKéNADA. supported by Florence Ahlborn, Tania Brugnoni, Alessandra Luciano, Serge Nickels, Christian Ries.

KUK the first independent cultural media in Luxembourg.

KUK encourages, supports and disseminates the creation, sharing and networking of artists, enthusiasts and professionals in the sector. KUK is the first independent digital platform in Luxembourg. Its goal is to promote intercultural dialogue and make the discovery of Luxembourg culture accessible to all.
KUK is a place, a community, a family. 

An identity with a strong DNA

Explose has designed a strong identity for KUK in accordance with the values of the initiative. Explose has created a typographic logo, stable and powerful, minimalist but with its own personality. The graphic design was conceived to mesh with the values of KUK and makes it a strong and recognizable universe. Motion design (animated logo, transitions, etc.) and sound design tailor-made for their videos completes the brand's identity. 

A coherent identity designed for social networks


KUK's identity has been used in various social networks (Facebook and Instagram). The grid is designed to be a strong graphic display. The content has also been designed for its virality, to capture users in order to encourage them to engage with the KUK community.

The KulturKanal fir Lëtzebuerg website

The KUK website is an independent Luxembourg platform for expression and exchange between artists and the community. The website has been designed as a digital medium. The next key live performance date is highlighted on the home page, as well as various articles created by content contributors (artists, associations, cultural institutions, partners, etc.). KUK is an alternative to mainstream platforms and allows artists to freely distribute their videos thanks to the implementation of live streaming solutions with Viméo.

A global search engine with interconnected tags allows users to search and filter articles: videos, podcasts, literature, photos, etc.

Visual identity
Motion design
Sound design
Digital strategy