City of Luxembourg

The city of Luxembourg is small, but comes with all the advantages of a big city. We are proud to have support from the communal administration in the construction of this innovative website, which facilitates relations between the city and its citizens with its accessible and responsive design. 

Create a digital administrative service dedicated to the population

The City of Luxembourg’s website is used by thousands of users, each with their own specific needs. Clearly defining the target audience and creating accurate personas (or archetypes of users with similar characteristics) was imperative to making a site that accurately serves its users.

Involve the users

With over 7.500 individual pages, the original website desperately needed to be reorganised. In order to create the most intuitive solution, we worked with approximately 50 of the site’s users to complete a card sort. The results of the exercise highlighted trends in navigation and informed the website’s content hierarchy. Now, navigating the site feels effortless and intuitive (even with thousands of pages).

Create an arborescence around simple verbs

The main menu allows the user to easily get to where they want to go, whether it’s getting around, living, working, or visiting. Each page has been revamped and organised into menus with up to 5 to 6 sub-levels.

Dedicate a search engine to the user

A search field welcomes the user with a warm greeting: "Moien, how can we help you today?" Aside from just being friendly, the algorithm implemented behind the search engine also studies user behaviour in order to constantly improve suggestions and offer even more precise results. 

Design with consistency

The digital identity was developed in continuity with the existing visual identity. We gathered the graphic assets and created a reference document, which allows the identity to be accurately represented across various media and applications. (mobile apps, external departments, etc).

Technological challenges

  • A responsive website, adapted to the mobile, tablet, computer.
  • An accessible website, adapted to the people with specifics needs.
  • A website easily manageable with the Drupal CMS.
  • Connections with APIs, iframes and other tools of the City (traffic info, schedules and real-time bus departures...).
  • A powerful search engine, in autocomplete mode, displayed in full screen.

Digital identity