Cour grand-ducale

The Explose agency supported the Maison du Grand-Duc in creating a website dedicated to children. The challenge was to create a personalized experience that immerses kids in the world of the Monarchy while providing educative content. The website aims to be very playful and interactive.

An immersive experience

We create a magical realm that sparks the curiosity of young visitors while offering a simple and intuitive navigation. This would not have been possible without the magnificent illustration work of Sandra Martins, which we were able to animate and enhance with soundscapes to make it all the more immersive.

We provided the overall artistic direction to ensure that the intentions and messages of the Maison du Grand-Duc were accurately conveyed in all illustrations, animations and soundscapes, resulting in a highly cohesive whole. Technically, the challenges were significant, as the Maison du Grand-Duc aimed for a highly appealing and visually engaging website while also ensuring inclusivity and accessibility for individuals with specific needs, and it needed to be entirely manageable by their in-house team.

Visual Design
Interaction Design
Experience Design
Sound Design
Motion Design
Creative development