Luxembourg Science Center

The Luxembourg Science Center is an interactive and entertaining discovery centre dedicated to science and technology in the heart of Differdange, Luxembourg. The museum has more than 70 installations and interactive experiment stations that invite visitors to discover various fields of science in a playful and active way.

The redesign of the website

The new website, created by the Explose team, had to be responsive and propose a new digital identity. The purpose was to show properly the different services offered by the Luxembourg Science Center. The entire user experience of the website has been redesigned to improve access to information, but above all to improve user conversion.

A new digital identity

A new fresh digital identity was created, giving the Luxembourg Science Center a more modern and technological look. The website has been enhanced with components and animations: rollovers, transitions, scroll interactions and other animation effects that make the user experience more enjoyable and contribute to a more modern platform. The design of the site moves away from the clichés of science and technology, giving it a unique identity to stand out from its competitors.

Film making

Explose was also commissioned to produce the film making of video capsules:  the differents interactive installations that are in the Luxembourg Science Center. The challenge was to highlight the installations, while showing the emotions of the visitors, in a very short length. The universe created for the videos was developed in line with the website identity. The atmosphere created contributes to the storytelling of the Luxembourg Science Center. The sound design also gives rhythm to the video and creates an immersive experience.

Digital Identity
Film making
Motion design
Sound design