1535° Creative Hub - Open doors 2019

An event to promote creativity

Three years later, we were privileged to be able to propose a new concept and identity for the Hub's annual open doors. The idea was to bring modernity and innovation while keeping the essence of this day: making the creative professions known to the general public. This was the start of the “Creative Day” event.

Event communication

We set up the entire communication strategy around the Creative Day event, which took a more digital turn. Previously, we designed the entire teasing phase for deployment on social networks. On launch day, the signage, programme and plans helped visitors to find their way around and enjoy the activities.

Film making

To boost the teasing phase related to the event, we developed a series video content for the Creative Day: 4 interviews, 1 TV spot, and different short videos specifically developed for social networks.

Interview de Unison Studios

Interview de Sophie Garlinskas

Interview de Lisa Junius

Interview de Kumiyonoe

Installations & videomapping

For that special day, we prepared a series of installations, video mappings, digital signages, and other interactive experiences.

Event website
Digital content: filmmaking
Installations & videomapping