Aalt Stadhaus

Aalt Stadhaus is a cultural center located in the heart of Differdange, Luxembourg. Offering a variety of events, it serves as a place for cultural life within the community. From different performances to art exhibitions and engaging workshops, the Aalt Stadhaus is dedicated to providing a great cultural experience for both residents and visitors. 

New brand identity

Designed by Explose, the new visual identity of Aalt Stadhaus conveys the dynamic atmosphere of the cultural center and its programming based on humor and entertainment. The graphic universe designed for Aalt Stadhaus is distinctly human-centered. The identity exudes playfulness, inviting everyone to join in and enjoy the vibrant cultural offerings.


The Aalt Stadhaus logotype reflects the unique shape of the building, specifically highlighting its staircase. The inclusion of the stairs in the logo not only shows the building’s special characteristics but also creates a visually striking symbol that easily connects with Aalt Stadhaus’ identity.

Printed design

Printing design plays an important role in communicating the identity of the cultural center, ensuring effective communication with its audience. We handled a wide range of printed materials, such as posters, brochures, flyers, and invitations. The goal was to give substance to the branding while creating templates that could be reused and adapted daily by the communication team of the center.

Digital design

The visual identity of Aalt Stadhaus has also been adapted for the digital realm. Social media and the website maintain consistent engagement with the audience, and the branding needed to be recognizable and consistent across all platforms.

Identité visuelle

Design visuel

Design d'interaction

UX/UI design

Développement front-end