Cityshopping is an information platform promoting Luxembourg City's shops. An initiative by the Luxembourg City Business Association( UCVL) and with the support of the City of Luxembourg, Cityshopping has been guiding visitors in their shopping experiences since 2011.

Cityshopping: the place to go for shopping information in Luxembourg City

Cityshopping is an info point, a physical place at the very heart of Luxembourg City where visitors and retailers can get tips and advice on shopping, retail news and forthcoming events in the nation’s capital.

Due to the health crisis (Covid-19), Cityshopping decided on a global overhaul of its website with the mission of offering more visibility to retailers and improving the services offered to visitors.

Explose worked closely with the UCVL and the City of Luxembourg to develop a fresh identity through video content and a new high-performance website, all launched with communication campaigns.

A redesigned logo

To reposition Cityshopping's brand identity, Explose held a collaborative workshop with UCVL to understand Cityshopping's DNA, values and personality.

Cityshopping's mission is to inform, assist and advise visitors and consumers as they embark on their shopping experiences in Luxembourg City. Explose has designed a typographic logo in keeping with Cityshopping's personality.The "i" refers to the information point, and the line symbolises a path or a shopping itinerary as people stroll from street to street in Luxembourg City. This strong, minimalist logotype contributes to brand recognition.

A strong identity

Explose built on the foundations of the existing identity of Cityshoppingan iconographic universe of photos and illustrations and added new components: more trendy typography and very pop, dynamic colours, synonymous with the diversity of the city's shopping scene.

An easily recognisable graphical language<

A set of symbols were designed to strengthen identity and play with Cityshopping's “codes.” The graphical language makes it easily identifiable on both social networks and billboards in Luxembourg City.

A trendy iconographic universe

The visuals were created by photographer Marion Dessard who was guided by Explose's artistic direction. The iconography focuses on the human presence. It depicts consumers shopping in the city, captured spontaneously, enjoying the moment. The aim was to evoke movement as well as show the urban, trendy side of Luxembourg City. The iconography draws on retro codes and gives Cityshopping's identity a fashion magazine vibe.

Print and digital applications

The new identity created by Explose, reflects the brand essence: urban, colourful, vibrant, trendy and friendly. This new universe has been brought to life not only on visuals for social networks, but also on print visuals for magazines, newspapers and billboard campaigns (A4, bus shelters, etc.), be it for the launch of the site or for any other communication messages.

Video with a strong message

Explose made a video to promote small shops in Luxembourg City. The aim: to encourage citizens to buy local. The video was created to share on social networks, and is also as an immersive visual element on

One website, two targets

The website is an essential support to Cityshopping's information mission, and a key element of the new brand image. It has been completely redesigned into a powerful tool that simplifies the consumer's shopping experience and gives greater visibility to Luxembourg City’s shops.

A space dedicated to retailers, offering a secure account for members, it facilitates exchanges with the UCVL and provides them with all the resources and legal information they need to manage their business(es).

An advanced multi-criteria search

The heart of the Cityshopping website is its database of shops, based on an advanced multi-criteria search (by name, brand, business sector, opening hours, etc.) and optimised for SEO.These multi-level filters fulfil every visitor's needs. The search results can be viewed on an interactive map. By activating geolocation and combining filters from the advanced search, the user can easily find nearby shops.

Attractive, well-designed page for each shop

The Cityshopping website is the showcase for the city's shops. Each business features on its own dedicated page. The page provides practical information (opening hours, contact details, etc.), lists the services on offer (payment methods, equipment, etc.) and highlights the products and brands sold by the business (via Letzshop).

Above all, thanks to transport information,the page makes it easier for visitors to find their way to the information point. It displays the bus/tram stops, car parks and Vel'OH! stations nearby (with data directly connected to Luxembourg City’s real-time services).

Visual identity
Digital content : Visual & Film making