Digital Luxembourg

A major player in the digitalisation, Digital Luxembourg was launched in 2014 with one simple goal: lead the country’s transformation via a positive digitalisation.

Understand and transpose the missions and their context

The outcome is a new vibrant and dynamic identity, as well as a website built on 3 keys points: missions, priorities, and initiatives.

Develop a modern, authentique and coherent graphic universe

The digital identity was conceived collaboratively with our sister agency, Fame Studio, in order to create an identity that is also applicable on print materials.

Telling a story through film

We regularly collaborate with Digital Luxembourg to cover their events and produce video testimonials. Far from journalistic reporting, the idea is to transcribe the atmosphere and goals of the event into a compelling visual narrative. In charge of capturing images, editing, visual and sound design, Explose is proud to participate in the promotion of Luxembourg's digitalisation initiatives through video media. 


University Incubator - Ideation Camp

Visual identity
Digital content: filmmaking