Noveno is the real-estate partner that materialises the second-home projects of all mountain lovers. Noveno offers exceptional properties located in the heart of nature and surrounded by idyllic scenery.

A luxury experience

Noveno offers fully personalised services and support; making it easy to connect mountain lovers with their dream home. Equipped with a powerful search engine, the website allows users to find even the rarest gems by refining the catalogue of properties. Users can filter by location (near mountain ranges, large lakes) or by desire (ski areas, villages).

Exceptional minimalism

Explose accompanied this real-estate partner in the premises of the project, first of all by conceiving the name. Noveno is the "ninth" degree—the highest level of difficulty in the sport of climbing, a level reserved for experts, a symbol of height and exigency––which serves as the perfect expression of the company's values.
Explose's mission continued in the development of the brand image. The challenge was to develop an aesthetic that matched the quality of the goods and services that Noveno provides. The resulting identity is elegant and minimalist.

Visual Identity