GovTech Lab

GovTech Lab is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Digitalisation and the Government IT Centre (CTIE) which responds to the Government's drive to enhance the quality of public services to citizens and businesses through digital transformation. The Government has entrusted Explose with the creation of the Luxembourg GovTech Lab brand and visual identity.

Embodying the brand

GovTech Lab's new visual identity must embody the Government's vision: prioritising the enhancement in quality of services offered to citizens and businesses through digital technology. The graphic universe seeks to move away from the standard graphic codes of "tech" imagery, often too fixated on a tool/machine/system vision, to propose a much more "human-centered" identity.

Setting the tone

The GovTech Lab brand messaging gives the initiative meaning and impact. With the support of the Brightgeist Brand Stories agency, taglines and catchphrases were created to give the brand tone, voice and personality.

Reveal the graphic universe

The aim was to create a strong and modern logo in line with the brand's values. GovTech Lab is first and foremost a movement, an acceleration, a synergy. By using linear patterns, we developed a whole graphic system that comes to life with motion design and symbolises the synergies and the overlap between innovation, ideas and solutions.

Brand messaging

A brand movie was made to capture the essence of GovTech Lab's message, vision and mission. GovTech Lab’s main tool to accelerate the technological transformation of the State is its “Calls for solutions”. The lab launches challenges on given themes and calls for the participation of external players to take them on with innovative solutions. This film tells the story of a close-knit team of digital experts who joins forces to submit their project on time to GovTech Lab. The aim was to offer authentic content, highlighting the human element and its emotions.

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Digital content: filmmaking