House of Training

Created in 2015 by the Chamber of Commerce and the Association of Banks and Bankers, the House of Training's vocation and main mission is to provide continuing professional training to meet the needs of the Luxembourg economy.

New catalogue, new website

The release of their new catalogue inspired the House of Training to conduct an in-depth review of their website. Explose was in charge of the ergonomic and graphical redesign of the existing platform, based on the Odoo CMS.
The new website is fully based on a search engine, which allows users to browse a catalogue of more than 800 training offers. It has been completely redesigned and developed to improve search comfort and, above all, the relevance of the results. The tool offers autocomplete suggestions, spelling corrections and advanced filters. The relevance of the results has been configured on the basis of numerous criteria and is constantly improving based on user feedback.

A modern graphic universe

The graphic identity of the House of Training did not have a real digital deployment, so the challenge was to redefine their imageand lay the foundations of their online identity. We developed a simpler and more modern aesthetic, allowing us to bring a real touch of freshness to the brand.

Aesthetics at the service of information

We kept the idea of using the different colours that make up the logo's design to categorise the information and to represent each of the different training areas. A series of icons have been also been developed to illustrate the characteristics of the training courses (day courses, evening courses, e-learning, etc.).

Training, anywhere, anytime

The House of Training offers e-learning courses in its catalogue to reinforce their face-to-face course offerings. These courses can be consulted on the dedicated platform. The digital identity that was initially set up for the House of Training has been extended and adapted to create an identity specific to with complete coherence and continuity.

Visual Identity
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