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Jetfly evolved into a niche market: the co-ownership of private jets. The idea behind this system is to allow clients to become co-owners of a jet so that they can posses a plane at q fraction of the price. Flying with Jetfly means enjoyingunequalled flexibility: 24/7 online booking service all year long.

Design challenges

The action of planning a flight presents several steps and options that the user must specify. The user experience is the pillar of the app. Every element has been designed in order to make the process fluent and intuitive— even the graphic component, like the icons and contrasting colour palette, work together to improve the overall usability. The resulting aesthetic is modern, elegant, minimalistic, and perfectly suits the Jetfly visual identity.

The new technologies

The Jetfly app is a hybrid app available on Apple and Android devices. The interactive map relies on a mapbox solution. Spending a great deal of effort on setting and customisation allowed us to make the most out of the platform's components.

Mobile application

Flight search

Flight online booking