Lexnow is a platform powered by Legitech and its reputable authors that serves as a reference for legal information in Luxembourg. Lexnow is a powerful and unique search engine covering tax law and legislation, social law, corporate law and financial sector law.

UX design at the core of the process

The challenge was to revamp the user experience of the Lexnow search engine without making major technical changes to the existing platform. Thanks to our user-centric expertise, we were able to make the Lexnow platform much more intuitive and pleasant to use.


The Lexnow application has been redesigned to match the new identity adopted by Legitech. A series of digital components has also been created to meet software requirements.

A website to promote the application

A website was also created to introduce the platform. We supported Legitech during the entire design process of this promotional vehicle for the Lexnow platform. The website highlights the advantages of the IT tool, focusing on its main features, and encourages conversion (contact, demo request, etc.).

Web application