© Marion Dessard


The Sonotron is the entity entirely dedicated to music within the 1535° creative hub in Differdange. Equipped with 9 rehearsal rooms and a recording studio, the Sonotron offers flexible, plug-and-play professional spaces that are accessible to all.

New place, new identity

It all started with the name Sonotron. it was a naming process that also led to the signature design of this space. In tight collaboration with our sister agency Fame Studio, we developed all of the components— a typeface with an assertive character, bright colours, rough textures, patterns with undulating sounds —all of which helped to establish the identity of this new, unique and stimulating place; where music and creativity are the key words. From the space’s signage to the promotional posters, the variations and applications of this identity are extremely vast.

A digital presence

The website serves as a showcase for Sonotron’s unique space, but also serves as a pragmatic tool for renting recording rooms. Social networks actively convey all the creative energy of the space.

New place, new history

A focus on copywriting and storytelling helped to bring the concept to life —To enter the Sonoton is to enter a sound and creative experience under the symbol of sharing and support. The essence of the space is also largely conveyed by imagery, both in the photographic treatment (©Marion Dessard) and in the video (made by us, of course!).

© Marion Dessard
© Marion Dessard

A video universe

We handled the entire design process of the two video spots for Sonotron’s launch. From storytelling to editing—and not forgetting filming, colour grading and visual and sound design—these two spots reinforce the identity of the venue and participate in its promotion in Luxembourg.

Technology at the service of the place

The Sonotron website integrates an online booking module with an online payment feature, which makes for a seamless and fluid booking experience. This module also allows the Sonotron team to manage the space autonomously and flexibly.

Stripe & VueJS

Visual identity
Digital strategy
Digital content: filmmaking