Stoemp is a series of 5 independent stores in Belgium as well as an online shop. Stoemp offers a large choice of reference products, clothing and accessories in urban fashion and the world of skateboarding.

Developing a real digital strategy 

The first store was opened in 2001, and ever since, Stoemp's business has been growing. However, their online presence was running out of steam. Through collaborative workshops with the founders, we developed a new digital strategy that could be easily deployed directly on the online shop and social networks. The content was designed to embody the tone and humour of these Belgian colleagues, who have built Stoemp's reputation.

Highlighting products

The site gives prominence to the image by leaving plenty of room for photographs. This way, the product is highlighted above all. The interfaces and search engine allow the user to navigate freely through the entire extent of the collection.

Promoting online sales 

Online payment, stock management, a scanning application linked to checkouts in stores— these are just a few examples of the features implemented on Stoemp's new online sales platform, based on the Shopify solution. The platform is easy to use and ergonomic, allowing the team to track orders with total peace of mind.

Brand Identity
Digital strategy