Trek Race Shop

We are excited to have collaborated with Trek to create the Trek Race Shop website— a new site that highlights the stories of Trek’s best athletes from around the world.

Addressing their digital challenges

Together with Trek's staff, we are constantly looking to push the limits in order to provide ultra competitive and up-to-date online platforms (We have keep up to the performance of the athletes on the peloton).

Assessing audience and traffic power

The world of professional cycling and its worldwide reputation bring together communities of fans all over the world. Since Trek's website generates a lot of traffic, we can evaluate our methods on a large scale and to guarantee high-performance platforms.


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Proposing a global aesthetic experience

Trek's identity, created by our team, had to be applied consistently to across digital media. Everything is done to immerse the internet user in the world of cycling, the excitement of the sport, and the emotions of racing.

Enhancing the site with an interactive layer

The site has been enhanced with an interactive layer: rollovers, transitions, scroll interactions, and other animation effects that make the user experience more enjoyable.

« Thanks again for the cutting edge ideas and technology you are bringing to the team website. We are all very proud of it and the way it brings to life the team identity and represents the team brand to the fans of cycling and potential partners. »

Simon Thompson, Digital Director - Trek Bikes USA.


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