1535° Creative Hub - Open doors 2021

The 1535° Creative Hub’s Open Doors held in Differdange has become a key annual event for the promotion of the creative arts industry. Every year, it brings together thousands of people seeking creative inspiration. For this latest edition, Explose had the pleasure of implementing a comprehensive event campaign.

New edition, new theme

While the event aims at promoting the creative arts industry and in particular the members of the 1535° Creative Hub, it is also an opportunity to enhance the image of the premises. 
Based on the existing identity, we developed a whole graphic universe around the themes of interactivity, connectivity and gameplay, which are also reflected by the installations designed for the event. The visual identity of the event makes a nod to the letters of buildings A, B and C at the Hub. This edition marked the inauguration of the newly renovated building B, which will house new members.

Communications strategy

A major communications campaign was rolled out to promote the event, following a sustained calendar of activity in the three months leading up to the event. From the Save the Date and official invitations, to posters, newsletters and social media campaigns, a wide range of media was used to give the event the visibility it deserved.

Using video to go viral

The communications campaign was largely supported by video content. A video trailer immersed viewers in the atmosphere of the Hub. Video clips introducing the Hub’s members were posted on social media in the run-up to the event to actively invite people to participate.

Dedicated website

The creativedays.lu website was the main source of all event-related information: programme, list of members, concert lineup, opening ceremony, map of the venue, practical information... The aesthetics of the site were enhanced by the use of motion design and video.

Interactive and immersive experiences

Interactive and immersive installations were specially designed for the occasion. For an impactful opening to newly renovated building B, visitors were treated to a stunning and unforgettable experience. 

From ore to creative arts: the timeline

Visitors enter building B through a long corridor, a functional passageway. Explose decided to make the most of the walls of this corridor with a multimedia timeline, immersing visitors in the experience from their very first steps.
By recounting the history of the site, this timeline unravels the evolution of the iron and steel industry's heritage up to its conversion into a hub dedicated to creative arts.
Explose was responsible for the overall design of the project: conception and design, static and animated illustrations (in collaboration with Mariam Tagadirt), drafting of the explanatory texts and mapping. We would like to thank artists Lisa Junius, David Soner, Gianmarco Liacy and Dubl Design Studio for their support with the implementation of this timeline.

Ode to the members of 1535°: the interactive terminals & the info point

Visitors could continue their journey into building B and enter a space totally immersed in darkness, with two installations inspired by the retro gaming world. The first installation, composed of interactive terminals, allowed passers-by to interact with the terminals and find out more about the members of the Creative Hub. The second one, simulating LED screens through a mapping installation, gave key information about the 1535° Creative Hub and its members as well as the Sonotron (the space dedicated to sound and music at 1535°). 
From the conception of the 3D simulations to the implementation of the entire installation, Explose applied all its expertise: content strategy, filmmaking, motion design, UI design, development, mapping... not to mention our hidden talents in electronics and woodworking !

Creative mining: the immersive installation

The stroll through building B ended with a final installation offering an immersive experience entitled Creative Mining; a creative interpretation of the history of the site and its evolution: from the country's glorious industrial past shaped by miners and workers, to the vibrant and lively creative hub filled with the energy of the hundred or so creative minds working there today. Thus, this work presented two abstract audiovisual ambiences that progressively followed one another: from the raw and mechanical world of the factory to the modern, technological and inspiring universe of the creative hub. Creative Mining is four minutes of an emotionally-charged sensory experience, entirely conceived and produced by us (concept, 3D simulations, lighting design, sound design, musical composition, motion design, technical programming, etc.).

Live show time!

The structure of the immersive installation also served as a stage for live shows: concerts and dance performances. 
Explose took care of the scenography, artistic direction, lighting and sound of these shows in collaboration with the artists.

Filmmaking & photography

Explose was also responsible for the filming and photographic coverage of the event in order to capture Creative Days and feed post-event communications. 

A great success

The 2021 edition of the 1535° Creative Hub's Open Doors was a great success, gathering thousands of visitors willing to meet the members and experience the Hub’s vibes. The event was actively promoted and shared on social media. The positive energy that members and visitors conveyed throughout the event was an incredible and unique source of positivity. 
We warmly thank the administration of the 1535° Creative Hub and the City of Differdange for their trust and for allowing us to undertake the organisation of such a special event.

Content strategy
Artistic direction
Visual identity
Lighting design
Sound design
Motion design
UX/UI design